M54455EVB. MCF54455. Linux BSP. Connecting the M54455EVB to a Host PC.

Discussion created by Claude_Sylvain on Jan 30, 2008
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- I am currently trying to load an image to the M54455EVB using U-Boot
  tftpboot command.
  For now, I can ping the host from the EVB, but tftpboot still not work
  (checksum and timeout error).

- On the M54455EVB side, I use U-Boot V1.2.0.

- On the Host side, I use a PC running Red Hat Linux 9.0.

- I am wondering what is the best configuration to connect the M54455EVB
  to a host computer.
  Actually the M54455EVB is connected to the host computer through a router
  with integrated DHCP server.

- Is this configuration acceptable, or is it better way to connect it, like:

    - Connect the EVB directly to the host computer on which a DHCP server
      is running.

    - Connect the EVB to the host computer (running DHCP server) through
      a Hub.

Claude Sylvain
Electro-Technica inc.