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How to implement SSL/TLS based on AN4307?

Question asked by Devan Jeyadevan on Oct 8, 2015
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I've implemented the AES and 3DES encryption as per this app note.


Would like to implement SSL as well and wonder if there is any example to go with AN4307?


SSL(Secure Socket Layer)/TLS is a process of establishing an encrypted link between server and client. The HTTP becomes HTTPS by adding the SSL.


The SSL process is as follows,

1) Hello (Client Hello followed by Server Hello)

This contains all the information the server/client needs in order to connect via SSL


2) Client Response to Server

Certificate/Key exchange and verification

It uses symmetrical encryption such as 3DES, AES etc, will use the K60's MCAU as per AN4307

There is the hashing process carried out at this point, uses MD5, SHA1, SHA256 etc, will use the K60's MCAU as per AN4307


3) Server Final Response to Client.

Server verifies and confirm that it can begins encrypting messages with the keys just negotiated.


Any help will be appreciated.