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LS1021A-TWR initial board Problem

Question asked by Weijia WU on Oct 8, 2015
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I'm using a LS1021A-TWR board. After I have programmed a new uImage in the flash, I met a problem regarding the board initializing, I can't initialize my board in normally.

Normally, after powering up the board: (1) the LED D1 turns ON. (2) the LED D5 turns ON then OFF. (3) and then some log will be printed out on the serial console.

But now, after power-up the board, the LED D5 turns ON, and then it never returns to OFF. And I can't see any log on the serial console. I think I probably did some mistakes when I programmed a new uImage in the flash.


Can you please help me how can I restore the board?

Thank you


Tommy WU