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iMX53 l2 cache configuration for bare metal application

Question asked by Joseph walczyk on Oct 8, 2015
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Could someone provide guidance on how to set up the l2 cache on the iMX53. We are using it in a bare metal application and need to configure the l2 cache. Using uBoot as a guide I was able to get working but performance is less than expected. Here is what is written to the L2 cache aux control register:


                                   ;reconfigure L2 cache aux control reg */

      mov r0, #0xc0                 ;tag RAM

      add r0, r0, #0x4              ;data RAM  was

      orr r0, r0, #(1 << 24)        ;disable write allocate delay

      orr r0, r0, #(1 << 23)        ;disable write allocate combine

      orr r0, r0, #(1 << 22)        ;disable write allocate

      orr   r0,   r0,   #0x20       ;L1 neon on


      cmp r3, #0x10                 ;r3 contains the silicon rev


                                    ;disable write combine for TO 2 and lower revs

      orrls r0, r0, #(1 << 25)

      mcr   p15, 1, r0, c9, c0, 2 ; Write L2 Cache Auxiliary Control Register


I have a few questions:

1) are the latency values correct for iMX53

2) I believe the disable features following are required for errata workarounds is this correct

3) Am I missing anything else