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Using KDSK and Processor Expert

Question asked by TOM TALKINGTON on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by Vojtech Filip

I have installed KDS 3.0 with the update patch and KDSK 1.3.  I have created a project using Processor Expert to test my new hardware.  No issues.  PE is a very nice tool.  I would now like to take it to the next step and incorporate KDSK so that I can use MQX, the USB Stack and file system.  My board has USB and SDHD on it.  Can someone point me to documentation that explains how KDSK and PE work together.   It appears that PE does not (fully) configure KDSK middleware so I assume that some KDSK features must be added to the project manually.  I am also confused about the use of the PE LDDs and the KDSK peripheral drivers (fsl).   I have found documentation in KDS regarding this subject but it barely even scratches the surface.  Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.