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Unstable ethernet connection for the RTCS examples

Question asked by samuel boivineau on Oct 8, 2015
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I have used the RTCS examples as base for working, and tried to get the httpsrv and the nshell working, but without success for both projects :

- I am using the tower twrk64f120m + TWR_SER with the jumpers correctly set

- I can ping from a computer to the board but get between 25 and 100% of packets lost

- I cannot ping from the board (request timed out)

- Sometimes (1 over 10 times), I can get from firefox the web page for the httpsrv example.


Since I have received this board from a partner, I have never suceeded for the ethernet part with it. So I suspect a hardware issue. Does anyone have heard about a similar issue where the ethernet connection seems to be very unstable ?

Does anyone know how I could test the hardware ?


By the way, I am using the KSDK 1.2.0