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Problem of running Freescale Cloud - Connected  ZigBee Thermostat Demo

Question asked by Dongyang Li on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez

Hi, I am running the demo:

Freescale Cloud-Connected ZigBee Thermostat Demo

I assembled all the boards and downloaded the program from IAR as demo provided.


However the LCD doesnt work, and from the UART console, it returned:


Shell (build: Apr 16 2014)                                                
Copyright (c) 2013 Freescale Semiconductor;                               
shell> driver assert at Hcd_Init:1055                                     
NOT A DOS DISK! You must format to continue.                              

PEG Opening resources.pbr from NAND FFS...FAILED!


I wonder what I am doing wrong? I use PE programe driver in IAR to download program. Is that cause any problem. How do you download the program in IAR?