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Enable USB Virtual Com Port with Beestack and KW24

Question asked by Alejandro Velez on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Alejandro Velez

Good Afternoon:


I am trying to configure the virtual com port application with the Beestack and the KW24 Processor with no results.


I initialize these modules in the BeeAppInit.c file:





and define the variable:


#ifndef gVirtualCOMPort_d

  #define gVirtualCOMPort_d    TRUE



in CDC_Interface.h file


then I try to send a string to the virtual com with the function:


bool_t CDC_Transmit(unsigned char const *pBuf, index_t bufLen, void (*pfCallBack)(unsigned char const *pBuf))


the application runs, but when I connect the device to the computer the system doesn't recognize it, and I get this error from device manager:



How could I solve this problem?


or there are an example with USB-CDC in BeeStack?

I'm working with BeeKit and IAR Embedded Workbench