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CPMEM Deinterlace Setting for planar YUV422

Question asked by stevelongerbeam on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Dmitrij Frasenyak

Hi Freescale,


It was recently discovered that simple deinterlace carried out by the IDMAC (i.e. simple interlacing of odd and even field lines by setting the SO field in CPMEM, and _not_ the motion compensated deinterlace carried out by the VDIC), works fine when deinterlacing captured fields from the ADV7180 on the SabreAuto, when the requested pixel format is one of the following planar formats (the PFS field in non-interleaved CPMEM):


PFS = 2 = non-interleaved 4:2:0 ("YU12")

PFS = 4 = partial-interleaved 4:2:0 ("NV12")


But does _not_ work correctly for the following planar formats:


PFS = 1 = non-interleaved 4:2:2 ("422P")

PFS = 3 = partial-interleaved 4:2:2 ("NV16")


In the IPU driver code, when enabling simple deinterlace, the ILO field in CPMEM is set to y-stride / 8, where y-stride is the line stride of the Y plane in bytes, and the SLY field is set to (y-stride * 2) - 1.


As stated those settings work fine for YU12 and NV12, but what should they be set to for 422P and NV16?


Thanks for your help,