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MKE02Z64 writing EEPROM with IntFLASH component with interrupts enabled?

Question asked by on Oct 7, 2015
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Hi all,


I would to ask a question:

I'm using MKE02Z64 with CW 10.6, and PE high-level component IntFLASH for read/write/erase oeprations on EEPROM (0x10000000 area). We would need to have interrupt enabled.


I have this doubt: could there be problems if when there is EEPROM operations and an interrupt occurs? I'm thinking about the ISR may be in flash, and also the IntFlash routines are in flash, so the event of an interrupt may create some problems (program counter changes, "context" changes,...)?


I would like to know if there could be EEPROM corruption data (or operations that dont finish well), with interrupts enabled.


Thanks in advance!