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imx6sx fuses issue

Question asked by ambroiseaa on Oct 6, 2015
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We're working on a custom board based on imx6sx MCIMX6X1CVO08AB. Everythings working good and now we'd like to boot from a SDcard on SD4 port using eFUSES.


We are using uboot version 2015.04 from freescale.


We used the command : "fuse prog 0 5 0x00003841" to configure the eFUSE (we haven't imxotp command). Then setting boot pin to 00 (fuses mode).


This command works. But on next boot nothing happened. We have chance, internal mode works on GPIOs fuses so the board is not dead!


What was wrong with this command ? Did we forget something ? Can we modify the actual eFUSEs configuration or not?


Thanks for your help,