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KL26 flash memory program and erase question

Question asked by Kris Ke on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by soledad

[Q1] : KL26 Sub-Family Reference Manual page  27.4.9 Margin Read Commands


What are the difference between 'normal, 'user' and 'factory' levels?

What does the "user" and "factory" need to notice?



[Q2] : Erase Flash Sector Command



if I executed the erase flash sector finished, does it will automatically execute erase_verify?

— that it is FSTAT_MGSTAT0 bit will be automatically set? if erase fail.


[Q3] : Read 1s Section Command



If the command can only check 4 bytes is 0xffff_ffff or not, does it execute read longword command time is same as read sector?

for example FCCOB0 = 0x01, FCCOB1-3 = 0x0_0410, FCCOB4-5 = 0x01, FCCOB6 = 0x01


[Q4] : 27.33.1 CCIF at FTFA_FSTAT

If I writing a 1 to CCIF to clear CCIF flag, can I use use while(read_CCIF == 0)()  to check the CCIF flag be set or not?

Is it certain that it will be set to 1? what will happen when it execute fail?


[Q5] : Flash commands,

Does the FCMD support erase 1 block, read 1s block command when use flash 256KB.

If what command can it need?


[Q6] : user application code in debug mode

if flash address 0x0_0000~0x0_ffff don't have boot loader code (all address is 0xFF) and when I program user application code to 0x1_000~0x1_ffff.

Does the MCU can execute the application code?


[Q7] : KDS Optimization

Can I set a void function() to specified position to a specified address? For example, in 0x0_100 – 0x0_3ff.

How I to do it?