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Processor Expert generated code changes during debug session

Question asked by marcos1 on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by marcos1

I started a Processor Expert project but I'm having some difficulties with it.


When I generate the code and look at the sources everything seems to be generated as it is set up in the GUI.

When I build the project it still is.

When I start a debug session though I noticed the files get overwritten.


Namely (on a MC56F84789) I:

- changed the QSCI2 clock rate to the system clock

- added User code after PE initialization (in the build options tab)


Both are generated in the code and are still there after building the project.

When starting a debug session, though

- QSCI2 clock rate is being set to 2x the system clock

- my initialization code is being removed


The GUI still shows my settings though.

I only happened to notice this, because the file was still open in my editor and it informed me that the file has been changed.


John Winters