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TRK-MPC5634M SBC CAN activation issue

Question asked by raphc63 on Oct 6, 2015
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I would like to use Serial Bootloader by CAN on my starter kit TRK-MPC5634M


Datasheet :

Schematic :


I supply the board externally ( 9V-12V barrel connector ) J1 and J5 ON but the CAN is not activated in Serial Boot Mode : I have 5V on RX/TX after MCU but 50kOhm shorted to ground on DB9 external connector. It seems to be a sleep mode of MCZ33905 ( Datasheet : )


I fit jumper BOOTCFG ON, so after a RST I should be after the BAM execution in SBL, the SBL wait message form LIN or CAN so I don't understand why external CAN connector is not activated in this mode. It seems to be in sleep mode so I tried to send the wake-up pattern ( void CAN message @500K ) but no change. Is my pattern wrong ? Is the SCI which force the sleep mode ?