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Utasker USB-MSD with TWR K60F120M

Question asked by William Carlisle on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by Mark Butcher

I am having issues getting the USB-MSD functionality of the Utasker bootloader going. I am using KDS with a PE debugger.


I have tried several different configurations and the K60 always shows up as "unknown device".


I have followed the gobs of documentation spaghetti, and twisted myself into knots trying to figure this out.


I have gotten the serial interface to work, and can view the menu and send commands.


The documentation for this link, page 15 is where I am at.


What I am stuck at now is:


In Loader.h there are three defines that configure the USB-MSD boot loader operation:


#define ROOT_FILE_ENTRIES 4 // when USB MSD loader, this many directory

                                entries are set to the start of FLASH -

                                the application start is shifted by this

                                amount x 32 bytes

#define ENABLE_READBACK // allow USB to transfer present application to PC

#define READ_PASSWORD "enable file read from the device by dragging this file

                              to the disk" // password with maximum length of 512 bytes


Funny thing is when I am using the "uTaskerV1.4_FLASH" build configuration, Loader.h is not available.

When I use "UtaskerSerialLoader_FLASH" build configuration, there is no define for USB_MSD:



    #define NUMBER_USB     0                                             // no physical queue needed


  #define USB_INTERFACE                                                // enable USB driver interface

    #if defined USB_INTERFACE

      #define HID_LOADER                                               // Freescale HIDloader.exe or KBOOT compatible

            #define KBOOT_HID_LOADER                                     // select KBOOT mode of operation

        #undef _NO_CHECK_QUEUE_INPUT

      //#define USB_HOST_SUPPORT

        #if !defined HID_LOADER

            #define SUPPORT_FLUSH                                        // allow flush command to be used (important for mass storage class)



I have been round and round with this so-called "out of the box bootloader" far too long, and any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!