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MC56F84xxx ADCs Input interface and Random Sampling

Question asked by zaid hamed on Oct 6, 2015
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I want to buy the evaluation board of the microcontroller in the subject matter, but there is some information I cannot infer from the documentation. I am interested in using the simultaneous sampling feature of the two 12-bit cyclic ADCs in a random sampling scheme. As I read from the datasheet it is doable via software trigger or synchronization with another peripheral, I do not think there is a true random number generator on board, is there ? What is the best way to achieve random sampling up to 1 MSPS using this controller?


Secondly, I will be reading voltage signals differentially and I could see that the ADC input supports this, do you recommend that I use an external instrumentation or difference amplifier circuit before inputting the signal to the ADC or the integrated PGAs are good enough ? How fast are the PGAs, can they handle 25 MHz input signals (I intend to use very low sampling rate for fast signals), in other words what is there GBW product at each mentioned gain factor?


Appreciate your help.