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MCF548X FlexCAN RX MessageQueue

Question asked by Andreas Wehrmann on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by TomE

Hi!, did anyone ever get message buffer queueing for the FlexCAN on the MCF548X working, if so, how?


I'm using the latest BSP from 2011 (LTIB with Linux 2.6.29) and am dealing with lost CAN frames here so I was trying to set up an NMI,

but that will crash the Linux kernel/hang the system randomly...


The reference manual says that message queueing is possible, but I couldn't find out how to set that up exactly.

Setting up multiple RX buffers with the same ID doesn't really work,

because FlexCAN tries to put new incoming frames into the _first_ matching buffer always... even if that buffer is FULL and another matching buffer exists...