Loris Caren

Overwelmed by choice

Discussion created by Loris Caren on Jan 29, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by Richard Nardone
I'm a current 68332 user needing a more powerful processor and am trying to choose a coldfire for my next project. Can you offers suggestions for a popular, current chip?
I've read AN2866 which makes the MCF523x sound good, but it's a 2004 document and things may have moved on?
I don't think I need better performance that the144MIPS quoted for the MCF523x and the ethernet is a plus.
I want something that hasn't got bus speeds that are too difficult to handle but although I'm going to need external devices, a chip with on-board RAM and flash must make hardware design easier.
A chip supported by an EVB offering a Linux BSP would be a bonus.