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MQX library sizes after porting to MQX4.2

Question asked by Daniel Hillstead on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Daniel Hillstead

I have a completed firmware project on a K61 the used CW10.6 and MQX4.0 (bsp, psp, rtcs, & shell). The Freescale compiler (C++) was used on this project. A new version of the firmware has been requested and along with new features I was hoping to port the project to use MQX4.2 and the GCC compiler. After finishing the port I was surprised to find that the file size had increased considerably.  A debug version increased from 0x98CD0 to no longer being able to fit in 1M of Flash space and a release version (optimized for size -Os) increased from 0x82790 to 0x9E580.

I noticed that the file size of the MQX libraries (.a files) had also got quite large for my projects.

I took the base projects for the MQX k70 examples (twrk_70f120m) and rebuilt them and found similar file increases.  Debug builds of the MQX BSP library increased from 2,926k in MQX4.0.0 to 106,218k in MQX4.2.0. Debug builds of the MQX PSP library increased from 2,158k in MQX4.0.0 to 75,046k in MQX4.2.0.

Is this to be expected with a port to MQX4.2? Are there any other optimizations that can be made to reduce the sizes of the MQX libraries?