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CodeWarrior Cache view does not behave as expected (or e5500 issue?)

Question asked by Mathias Parnaudeau on Oct 2, 2015
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I use CodeWarrior Development Studio 10.4.0 with a T1040RDB board. I am investigating a strange behaviour around L1 caches of the e5500 core (mine is Version: 2.0, 0x80241020) . I wanted to find help with the Cache view in CodeWarrior but that is even more strange...


Are there any errata documents about e5500 caches? I haven't found.


Anyway, here is the initial purpose of my post:




U-Boot locks 3 ways of the L1 data cache. When I stop U-Boot with the CodeWarrior debugger (just after the DRAM initalization) to inspect the cache, I see:


All locked cache lines have a different address and LRU but other properties are the same:

- Dirty: Yes

- Lock: Yes

- Valid: Yes

- Share: No

- Data: zero values


Comments and questions


1. The first strange point is the data content. U-Boot locks some ways to use this space as memory. Is the view known to miss some things (like data display)?


2. In the cache view context menu, I choose "Flush" but the only property that changes is "Valid", that is set to "No". That should not change this property but "Dirty".

If instead of "Flush", I choose "Invalidate", properties "Dirty" and "Valid" are set to "No", as expected.


3. Still from the menu, if I choose "Invalidate Line" or "Flush Line", the result is the same: lines are turned "Dirty: Yes" and "Valid: No". That does not seem to be coherent.


4. Setting a breakpoint in the U-Boot code, I execute flush_dcache(), that has no effect, I still see: "Dirty: Yes", "Lock: Yes", "Valid: Yes"... The lines should be cleaned.

Just after, I call invalidate_dcache(), and I get: "Dirty: No", "Lock: Yes", "Valid: No".


5. After a printf, I see that some lines are shown are "Lock: No"! How is it possible? Is there a problem with the "Cache" view or in an lower-level part?