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Not meet some recommendation with i.MX6D

Question asked by ko-hey on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by ko-hey

Hi all



I'd like to get your thoughts on my problem.




My customer built custom boards that is over 10 with i.MX6Dual and had some issues.



The issues are as below.


  • Some boards failed booting from SD
  • Some boards success booting from SD only when repeat push reset switch
  • A boards failed booting from NAND




These boards can boot from serial boot.

When they test a platform_SDK and DDR Stress Test, it has no error.



The concern is that the board isn't satisfied with the location of the bulk capacitor recommedation.





From the above results, I guess that it is caused by lack of meeting some recommendation.

So if they satisfy some recommendation, the issues will be disappeared.





What do you think about it ?

Please tell me your opinion.