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Why is there no PE_NOP() before calling FTFA_PDD_DisableInterrupts?

Question asked by Hiroki Maruoka Employee on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Marek Neuzil

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Customer reported me Flash complete event was not called correctly. I investigated this issue then I found no PE_NOP function before service routine call.

In the case of FTFE or FTFL, 3 PE_NOP() functions are added before PDD_DisableInterrupts() function. However, in the case of FTFA, there is no PE_NOP().


Why does PE generate PE_NOP() in flash_ldd code of FTFE and FTFL? And why does PE not generate PE_NOP() in the code of FTFA?

Is there possibility that the issue Flash command complete interrupt isn't called occurs?


**     Processor   : MK22FN256VDC12

**     Component   : FLASH_LDD

**     Version     : Component 01.106, Driver 01.15, CPU db: 3.00.000


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