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P1022 System Version Register shows wrong value

Question asked by weiqing on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Serguei Podiatchev

Hi all,


We are using P1022 on our board, the model I find from the surface of the processor is:


1066/667 MHZ







However, U-Boot recognize only one core instead of two. And the System Version Register indicates that it is a P1013 processor, instead of P1022.

     U-boot=> md 0xff7e00a0 2

     ff7e00a0: 80211151 80e70011                      .!.Q....


From the P1022RM chapter 26.4.21, it says:

System version numbers for the chip system logic
0x80EE_0011 P1022 with security, dual core
0x80E6_0011 P1022 without security, dual core
0x80EF_0011 P1013 with security, single core
0x80E7_0011 P1013 without security, single core


Can someone explain me what may happens here? The value of SVR is read-only and is hard coded by Freescale, right?


Thanks for any advise,