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Synchronous Burst Mode

Question asked by Dasnavis Sabiya on Sep 30, 2015
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I am access FPGA connected over EIM interface in iMX6 Sabre-SDB.

The EIM registers are configured as follows:

EIM_CSnGCR1 : 1191503f

EIM_CSnGCR2 : 1002

EIM_CSnRCR1 : 7101111

EIM_CSnRCR2 : 1c

EIM_CSnWCR1 : 6209249



When i tried to long read (using readl), burst read is not happening. Instead sequential reads are happening. In short, the address gets incremented and sequential 16-bit read occurs.


I observed this behavior using logic analyzer.


Please let me know, if the configuration above is correct(for synchronous burst read in multiplexed mode) ?

What else am i missing?

Is there any sample code for synchronous burst read?


Thank you in advance.



Dasnavis Sabiya