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ADC calibration

Question asked by Kewal Deshpande on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by jeremyzhou

I am trying to read the voltage level of 12V and 3.3V and I am not sure where I am going wrong,... There is a 3V VRefH and VRefL is GND.




ADC16_DRV_Init(ADC16_INSTANCE, &adcUserConfig);


adc16_chn_config_t chnConfig;


    // Configure the conversion channel

    // differential and interrupt mode disable.

chnConfig.chnIdx     = (adc16_chn_t)ADC16_VM12;


    chnConfig.diffConvEnable = false;


    chnConfig.convCompletedIntEnable  = false;



    // Software trigger the conversion.

    ADC16_DRV_ConfigConvChn(ADC16_INSTANCE, ADC16_CHN_GROUP, &chnConfig);



    // Wait for the conversion to be done.




    adcValue = 0;

    // Fetch the conversion value.

    adcValue = ADC16_DRV_GetConvValueSigned(ADC16_INSTANCE, ADC16_CHN_GROUP);


     double voltage;

    voltage = (int)(adcValue * 0.00000000069849);




I am not able to correctly read the adcValue, Is there something which I need to calibrate to get the correct ADC readings.