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Freescale Development Board - Getting Linux to Boot

Question asked by Kevin Callahan on Sep 30, 2015
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I've been successfully using the  Boundary Devices  Sabre Lite board   both with a prebuilt Trusty image (from BD) and also built and run  YOCTO builds with no issues (have set uboot to simply jump to the SD card directly to get it to boot).


I have now been given a Freescale development board SABRE for Smart Devices Reference Design|Freescale which comes with an Android SDcard which boots fine.

However I don't seem to be able to get any yocto build to even attempt to boot and this card doesn't appear to enter MFG mode so I can use the OTG interface to update uboot.

The BD board had switches to jump to OTG access however the new card apparently should default to that if it can't boot from any other medium; it doesn't appear to..


Has anyone else tried using this development board wrt Linux and if so can I have some clues as to, maybe what MACHINE I should use in YOCTO and/or why the MFG interface doesn't appear to work?