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About imx6sololite CSI and eDMA synchronous problem

Question asked by Fisher He on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by Fisher He


   I meet a problem about CSI module on IMX6L2EVN10AB.

   There is a CMOS camera sensor connected to IMX6SL, using parallel CSI 12bit connection with Bayer format. Now I need to acquire the data using eDMA in 8 bit mode.

    I find that it need to manually synchronize the three of DMA, RxFIFO,and VSYNC signal, otherwise the start position of the image is wrong.

   Now I only find CSI_CSICR3 (bit 12 DMA_REQ_EN_RFF) to disable the CSI module,actually this bit only disable the DMA request. When I clear bit 12 to stop, next time restart CSI again, there is data in RxFiFo,

     and these data has to be ignored. So there will be at lease a waste of  one frame of translation time. I really want to save this time.

   Is there any way to automaticlly synchronize the start of eDMA to VSYNC?


   Below is the code now I use to synchronize:





    But this way will bring the problem I described before.


    Thanks a lot!