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Question asked by Daniel Schoch on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Francisco Rodríguez Ballester



This is a question regarding the ADC with FIFO operation of the KEA8 device.


I'm using hardware triggered ADC function and I would like to perform ADC conversions till the FIFO is full.

Once the FIFO is full, the ADC conversion should NOT continue even though the hardware trigger continues.


So far I was not able to achieve this function. It doesn't seem to be possible to stop the ADC conversion once the FIFO is full, the next hardware trigger will restart and refill the FIFO.

Conversion rate is too fast for the micro-controller to accept an IRQ for end-of-conversion and shut the ADC down.


I've also seen that there is an obscure ADC register ADC_SC5 which contains a bit called HTRGMASKSEL. I was hoping that the hardware trigger is automatically disabled once the FIFO is full when HTRGMASKSEL is set. Unfortunately this is not the case and there's not sufficient documentation on what this bit does in the first place.


I appreciate any help on this matter.