Tom Billings

Problems Entering Debug Mode with MC9S12DT256 and CodeWarrior v5.7.0

Discussion created by Tom Billings on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by johnmc
Hi there, I am working on a Freescale HC12 chip connected to an Axiom CSM12D Board, but cannot successfully enter debug mode. If I hook up the board, communication can be established with the axIDE terminal. The following message is displayed: Axiom Manufacturing CSM12D Education Module MC9S12DT256 MCU This message is displayed everytime the RESET button is pressed that same message is displayed. The problem arises when I try to put a sample program on the chip using CodeWarrior. The code I am trying to use was provided by Freescale, and all it should do is light up an LED when one of the onboard switches is depressed. When I try to connect with CodeWarrior using the HCS12 Serial Monitor, the following error messages are produced: Cannot connect to hardware. I did make the project first. Then entered debug mode, which is where the error presented itself. Does anyone know if there are common problems with this board or this version of CodeWarrior? Thanks for your help, batgirl