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Android LP 5.0.1 PBAP profile support

Question asked by sandesh gowda on Sep 25, 2015



We are using i.MX6SD based platform with Freescale Android 5.0 ga release code base and we were able to bringup the Bluetooth interface and we would like to use PBAP profile to sync our phonebook contact list from i.Mx6 based device to infotainment device.

We are not able to sync any of the contacts to infotainment device (the infotainment device supports PBAP profile and verified the same with Nexus 4 device.) from i.MX6 based android LP device.

Logs are attached along with the docuement.

- Does Freescale Android Ga release supports PBAP Server feature?

- Do we need to any Telephony Service to support the PBAP profile.?


I really appreciate if any one help us regarding this issue on Freescale Android platform.



Sandesh D

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