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Reset pin is getting low after every 20uS

Question asked by Vijeendra N on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Vijeendra N

Microcontroller Part # : S9KEAZN16AMLC

Debugger / Programmer : PE Micro Multilink Universal

Code Warrior :  Version: 10.6.4

Using Processor Expert


Reset pin is tied to +5V through 4.7K resistor


In debug mode, we are able to program the controller and see the output



But in flash mode, after programming - a low signal of 2uSec is appearing at every 20 uSec of High signal.

i.e, Reset Pin Status will be High for 20 uS-->2uS-Low-->20uS High-->2uS continues

Because of this, Oscillator is not running and also program is not running.

(that means, I am not getting any error while programming in flash mode)


WDOG is diabled - find below snapshot, LVD is disabled


watch dog disabled in CS1


Status of SIM in debug mode