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Problems with ATD ch7 conversion -  HCS12C32

Discussion created by Stefan Mardale on Jan 27, 2008
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I want to make a conversion using the 7th channel but it will not work, please tell me what is wrong. It works fine using ch 0 :

 ATDCTL2 = 0x80;          
 ATDCTL3 = 0x08; 
 ATDCTL5_SCAN = 1;             

     PORTB=x; //the LED's from PORTB should start blinking

x- never changes it's value (it is always 0). The same in the the debugger: x=0......:smileysad:

If I select channel 0, it works fine, the LED's are blinking..x changes it's value.
I would use ch0, but it is ocupied by a potentiometer .

Thank you





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