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K70 and PEG lite: Install ressource take a long time

Question asked by arnogir on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by arnogir

Hello every body


I'm using a K70 with MQX 4.1 with PEG lite. (Tower K70) and a screen of 800x600.


I have a PEG ressource file of about 10Mo size (it is a small application, I have not many Picture I think).


So the ressource file in binary (.pbr) is stored in the external flash.


On PEG start, I call the function to Install ressource , then I supposed in it, the ressource file is unzipped in the external RAM.


My problem is this procedure take a long time (about 10s).


Do you know if there are a way to reduce this time? because in other word, after power on, I have a delay of 10s before see any picture displayed on the screen.


Note: For the moment, I modified PEG driver to display a welcome picture during this phase, but like this picture is not managed by PEG, it is stored in CONST in my program and then take big place (800x600 x2 Bytes = 960KBytes (1MB available...) ! then my welcome picture is in reduce size to take less place (400*200*2)

But I prefered the install ressource take less place.