Dennis C

build vmlinux without using LTIB?

Discussion created by Dennis C on Jan 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2008 by James Mahan
Hello, I have a 5208evb board. I downloaded the 5208evb BSP ISO image from the Freescale website and got it to install properly on my Linux laptop. I also successfully built the vmlinux using the LTIB scripts.

I will be modifying this BSP for our 5208 board, which is based on the evb board. So I will be changing the BSP code a bit. I like to be able to rebuild the BSP without using the LTIB scripts which heavily relys on the RPM packages, but by just using the Makefile at the kernel top level directory. I tried doing a 'make' there, but it does not work. It seems to be missing some environment variables that the LTIB passes to it.

By the way, I had run LTIB with the options so that the LTIB script does not delete the kernel source code after it builds the kernel. So I have the source for the entire kernel tree.

Has anyone rebuilt the BSP without using the LTIB, and just used the normal command line make at the kernel top level directory?