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KDS debug sessions do not terminate

Question asked by Steve Brecheisen on Sep 24, 2015

I am running KDS in Linux and can download and debug fine on a frdmk22f, but when I try to terminate the debug session (by clicking Terminate), the debug session does not terminate.  I can not start another debug session unless I close KDS and start it again.

  • KDS 3.0 
  • KSDK 1.2
  • K22 Freedom Board
  • Linux (Fedora 21)  uname -a:  Linux f21-arm 3.17.4-301.fc21.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 27 19:09:10 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  • (Same issue occurred when I tried this on Windows 7).
  • Segger JLink


I see this running my code, but I ran one of the examples (flash demo) included in the SDK and it also occurs.


The terminate seems to stop the gdb sessions just fine


While Debug Session is running:

[sbrecheisen@f21-arm ~]$ ps -ef | grep -i gdb

sbreche+  4000  3957  0 10:21 pts/1    00:00:03 /opt/Freescale/KDS_3.0.0/eclipse/../segger/JLinkGDBServerCL -if swd -device MK22FN512xxx12 -endian little -speed 30 -port 2331 -swoport 2332 -telnetport 2333 -vd -ir -localhostonly 1 -s

sbreche+  4020  3957  0 10:21 pts/1    00:00:00 arm-none-eabi-gdb --interpreter=mi2 --nx

sbreche+  4060  3625  0 10:27 pts/7    00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i gdb


After Terminate is initiated:

[sbrecheisen@f21-arm ~]$ ps -ef | grep -i gdb

sbreche+  4086  3625  0 10:29 pts/7    00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i gdb

[sbrecheisen@f21-arm ~]$


KDS doesn't really give any information about why the terminate fails in the console, but I am attaching the output that I see in the terminal where I launched KDS.

Attachment: "terminate_debug_errors".

If I go back to the C/C++ perspective and attempt to start a new debug session, I get the following:




I do not know if it is related, but I also always see the following error when I first start my debug session.  But I can still debug just fine, other than the termination issue.  I also attached the output seen in the terminal where I initially launch the debug session  (), although they may not matter.


Attachment: "initial_debug_errors"



Additional attempt to terminate debug session


SemihostingProcess.destroy() Thread[Worker-19,5,main] Thread[Semihosting and SWV fake process,1,]

SemihostingProcess.destroy() after interrupt

SemihostingProcess.destroy() before shutdownInput

SemihostingProcess.destroy() return

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