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updating/flashing u-boot on LS1021A-IOT?

Question asked by M P Lobdell on Sep 23, 2015


I have found several instructions on how to flash a new u-boot image it to the Quad SPI NOR flash on LS1021A-IOT.

Resources like this seem helpful.

How do I recover from a failed u-boot flash on the LS1021A?


Freescale Technical Information Center


However, my question is this:  Is there an easy place to download the latest version of U-boot for LS1021A-IOT?  I just want a U-boot version that supports SATA on the board.  I don't want to rebuild it, or download a huge package, etc.  I just want to get the latest .bin for the board that will setup the SATA for booting Linux from the SSD.