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Question asked by Christie Su on Sep 23, 2015
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I have the following questions about Fusion Library 5.0:

1) Systick shows 53 for 9 axis fusion. Does it mean the function for 9 axis fusion need (53/120MHz)==0.44uS to run once?

2) Fusion task is lower priority than sampling task, will be interrupt by sampling task. I tested the time required to read ACC around 237uS. If the fusion task is interrupted by sampling task, the systick should be much longer?

3) My own project is not using MQX. I am using PIT0/1/2 for data sampling, fusion and MAGCal. PIT0 priority is higher than PIT1/2. PIT1 priority is higher than PIT2.

When I call 9 axis fusion function, it takes around 1.6ms? Why does it make so big difference?