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No SD Card activity

Question asked by john baczewski on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by igorpadykov

We have a new custom iMx.6 design.  I'm able to JTAG using Segger J-Link emulator but when I try to use SD card there is no activity (probing SD clk, cmd, data shows no activity).


This is with Boot Mode 10.  I can read SRC Boot Mode Register 1 (SRC_SBMR1) via JTAG and the 32-bits boot mode bits are as expected (0x7E3B2940)

I changed Boot Mode to 00 (boot from eFuse).  I read the same register again and the bits are as expected, all 0's.

When I use Boot Mode 00 then I observe SD Card (clk, cmd, data), however, Boot Mode 00 is Serial Download.  Since Serial Download, it does not load from SD Card.


Any suggestions?  Any help would be appreciated.


What else should I look at?  My standard approach is Power, Reset, Clock and Boot Settings.  As best I can tell, all of them are ok.


John B.



32-bit boot mode bits were changed from 0x7E3B 2940  to 0x7E3B 2840 and now we observe SD card activity.


However, the iMx6 Dual Lite does not respond to the data.  The exact card with standard content boots on the SABRE board.

I see no activity on our Console port (I even probe the rx, tx lines).  We're mapped to the same port as the SABRE board.