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How code i modified the BCA by write the memory command In KL27 ?

Question asked by bo lu on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by bo lu

Hello everyone:

     I want to modified  the BCA by write the memory command In KL27,i tried to write the code like this:


#define BCAddress 0x03C0

#define usbStringsPointerAddress BCAddress+0x18

uint32_t kdskey = 0x6766636b;

uint32_t status1=0;


status1 = flash_init(&flashInstance);

status1 = flash_program(&flashInstance, BCAddress, (uint32_t *) &kdskey, sizeof(uint32_t));

status1 = flash_program(&flashInstance, usbStringsPointerAddress, (uint32_t *) &g_languages, sizeof(uint32_t));


In the debug mode ,i found that all of the "status1" is "0"( it means kStatus_Success), then the program keep running and i stop it. i checked the Memory Brower ,in the places of "0x03C0" and "0x03C0 + 0x18",the value  is  0xFF always.

I don't know why it can't work,and how could it be solved.


Thank you very much!


Best wishes