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IMX6: IPU DI chipselect signals

Question asked by Enrico Scholz on Sep 23, 2015
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how can I control the IPU DI chipselect signals?


Reference Manual lists two chipselects for each of both display interfaces:


  • IPU1_DI0_D0_CS and IPU1_DI0_D1_CS for DI0
  • IPU1_DI1_D0_CS and IPU1_DI1_D1_CS for DI1


Do they correspond to the PROG_DISP_ID field in IPUx_DC_WR_CH_CONF_y which mentions four displays (display #0 till #3).    How are they mapped in this case (e.g. does "IPU1_DI0_D0_CS" corresponds to display #0 and IPU1_DI1_D1_CS for DI1 to #3)?


Will it be possible to control a display using IPU1_DISP0_DATx pins with IPU1_DI0_D1_CS?