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Is there anyway to connect 2 Gbyte of LPDDR2 to an i.MX53 ?

Question asked by Pierre Schirrer on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by Pierre Schirrer

Hello community,


I designed a board with an i.MX53 and 1Gbyte of LPDDR2 using Micron memory, MT42L256M32D2 (16Meg x 32 x 8 banks x 2 die). Now I was asked to increase the memory to 2Gbytes. Unfortunately, Micron has not issued the MT42L512M32D4 (32 Meg x 16 x 8 banks x 4 die)...

Does anybody know how to connect several LPDDR2 chips to the SDRAM controller of the i.MX53 (there is only one SDRAM channel with only 2 chip selects on the i.MX53) ?


Any help would be appreciated,