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loading code using USBTAP in Win7 32bit VM

Question asked by TIANXU ZANG on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by TIANXU ZANG

Hello everyone,


VM: 32bits Win7

Host:64bits Win7


CodeWarrior 10.5


I am struggle about loading coding use USBTAP. My host computer is 64bits Win7. So i create win7 32bits virtual machine, however it is still gave me error when i using Flash Programmer:

cccS Client::Read Config File: Could not open the file , which is needed to configure the server.


Second error is when i try to debugging with USBTAP, it gave me error as follow: cCSProtocolPlugin : Could not connect to the probe (or other debug link)



Please help me on this. Im very new to freescale. Thank you