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UART_DRV_EdmaGetReceiveStatus reports that it has received a certain amount of data before it actually has

Question asked by Siddharth Menon on Sep 22, 2015
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I'm using the Kinetis SDK 1.2 with the FRDMK64f board.


My application uses the CMSIS RTX OS has only one thread. I am trying to start receiving data from UART0 at 115200 baud, using UART_DRV_EdmaReceiveData, and I store the data into a thread safe FIFO. In a polling loop I am making calls to UART_DRV_EdmaGetReceiveStatus, and I advance the tail of the FIFO by how many ever bytes UART_DRV_EdmaGetReceiveStatus tells me it received (I am disabling interrupts when i call UART_DRV_EdmaReceiveData and when I advance the tail of the FIFO).


The problem is that, sporadically, the data actually received looks incorrect. Specifically, although UART_DRV_EdmaReceiveData tells me it has received a certain number of bytes (this is generally of the order of 600 or so), when I copy the "new" data in my FIFO, it looks like the data did not actually get written (old values are being copied). However, if i put a breakpoint in my code (i'm using J-Link for debugging), it looks like the data in the FIFO is correct... so presumably by the time the breakpoint got hit the EDMA completed writing all the data.


Like i mentioned, this happens sporadically, and it is more frequent when a lot of data is being sent to UART0.


The code I have is pretty complicated, and i'm not sure how I can give you reproduction steps. Has anyone encountered anything similar, or is there a bug with the SDK that may be causing this behavior.