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Kinetis KW2x - Debugging Radio Transmit / Receive

Question asked by David Guinn on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

Using the Wireless UART example provided with BeeKit and Kinetis SDK, I am able to see packets being transmitted on Channel 15 by a TWR-KW21D256, captured by the USB-KW24D512 in packet sniffer mode(The TWR is also successfully receiving packets sent by another Zigbee dongle).  We have a prototype board with the KW21D512 which the Wireless UART mostly works EXCEPT for the radio transmit and receive, the packet sniffer is not seeing it transmit and the prototype is also not receiving from the other Zigbee Dongle.  UART and GPIO pins (LEDs and GPIO inputs) are all working correctly on this prototype board.  So what would be the best way to debug this issue?  The one thing I am concerned about is the EXTAL_32M and XTAL_32M was connected to a 24MHz external clock instead of a 32MHz, would this have any impact on the radio?


The radio hardware design is exactly the same as the TWR's.


From the documentation, the radio internally uses the SPI1 bus, we are using Port E Pins 0 to 4 as GPIO inputs, would this have any impact on this too?


Using IAR Embedded Workbench 7.40