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eGUI Group Box widget, and Basic Drawing API

Question asked by Gene Goff on Sep 22, 2015

I would like to use the Group Box widget to contain other graphical widgets, but it appears that it can only be used with widgets that have a pParent or pRelations parameter.  For example, the Button widget does not have these parameters and therefore cannot be associated/related with a Group Box.  The _D4D_DECLARE_BUTTON widget version can, however it does not have a INRAM variant which I need.  In other words, there is not a Button widget macro which is both INRAM and has pParent or pRelations arguments to make it work in a Group Box and be run-time changeable.


Related to this, I thought I would use rounded rectangle Basic Drawing primitives, such as D4D_RBoxXY to at least draw my own graphical group boxes, however I can't figure out how to draw primitives *before* the other widgets are drawn so that the primitives appear behind the other widgets rather than in front-of and blocking the other widgets.


Please help with either using the Group Box, and/or drawing primitives behind other widgets.  Thanks.