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Compiling OSBDM firmware under CW 6.1

Question asked by Pawel Plesnar on Jan 25, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2008 by Robert Kuczaj
I've tried to compile the OSBDM firmware under CW 6.1 (I need to change some output pins)
and I've encountered several problems.
- I have changed the mc68hc908jb16.h an .c files for the new ones from CW6.1
- I have changed the UCR0_T0SEQ_MASK/UCR0_TOSEQ_MASK error

Now there are 17 errors all related to inline assembler in bdm.c.
It seems that when the assembler wants to use "ROL i" the compiler gives me an
error about the "i" static variable:

"C18700: Unknown Opcode Operand Combination:smileysurprised:pc.:ROL/Dest.:Ext/Source:No0p"
"C18701: Unknown Opcode 19"

When I tried to use the same ROL with a different local variable it works ok (but that is not a solution - I need to access this static variable).

Did anyone encountered the same problem or if you have any advice, please reply.

Pawel Plesnar
Wroclaw, Poland