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USBDM - different results of programming  between command line and GDI.

Question asked by reichel miklos on Sep 22, 2015

Hello pgo,


I have the following problem:

- I am programming the same software to the same chip using the same USBDM programmer hardware and software,

- when I program the chip using the GDI version of the programming software the programming  succeeds OK,

- when I program the chip using the commandline version of the same, the program always returns errorlevel=1 which IIRC means that there has to be some error during the programming.

  The programmed application run OK, nevertheless.


Its seems that the programmer works OK in both cases but in the case of commandline calling the programmer wrongly returns some error.

Is it a bug of the programmer software or I am supposed to do something differently?

We are using your command line programmer software in our manufacturing process and now we can't use the return value to signalize if the process ended OK.


The used USBDM programmer is the JM60 variant of the programming hardware, with the latest 4.12.1 BDM FW.

The OS is Windows 7 Professional 64bit, the USBDM drivers are 4.12.1, and the programmer dlls are

The programmed chip is MC56F84452.


The command line invocation is the following:

UsbdmFlashProgrammer-debug.exe 56F84452_Build.elf.S -target=MC56F -device=MC56F84452 -masserase -program -execute -security:image


I am attaching both log files, from the command line invocation and the graphical one, too.


Best regards,





Excellent software, keep the good work :-).

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