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changing the frame buffer data

Question asked by bikash bag on Sep 19, 2015
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I am using a imx6sl base custom board. The data line in LCD we are using  are not in order as it should be d0-d23. The data lines are swapped in the lcd panel like d0-d13, d1-d7, d2-d10..... which results colour distortion in image in lcd. We are able to show the actual image in lcd by rearranging the bits of a pixel of the image. I have applied this logic in fb_write function and it works fine if we are writing to frame buffer using write(). But in case of QT application, it is not passing through fb_write and we are getting distorted image in   LCD. Can someone tell that which is the ideal place to put my bit rearrange logic so that we can see the image in LCD without colour distortion ?? It's very urgent. Please tell the place just before it is written to LCD.