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OpenSDA bare metal bring up

Question asked by Piyush Pandey on Sep 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by Erich Styger

Hi Freescale guys


This is my very first post to this community and before posting to the community I want to tell the community a little bit more about myself.


Actually I am embedded hobbyist and love to play with various controllers. I have tried Atmel, TIs MSP430 and ST microcontroller and some 8051 variants. I do this by designing and developing my own custom boards.


Ok that's it about my self.


Now the query is:


I am pretty much excited about the Freescale microcontrollers and up to till now I am using the ST microelectronics controller (as mentioned above). They provide too much in less amount and also their development tools are affordable especially debugger ST-Link.


But now I also want to try freescale products and for that I wanted to create my own custom board. and what make me more eager about it is the fact its open debugger OpenSDA.


It says that put the debugger files in the microcontroller folder when it appears in the bootloader mode. So what I want to know is that if I have K20 microcontroller and design its OpenSDA schematic from reference design , than would the microcontroller would be able to enter into the bootloader mode. Do the microcontroller come up with pre-installed initial bootloader.


If no than what will be the procedure for burning that primary bootloader to it.



with warm regards


Piyush Pandey