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Porting FreeRTOS on Coldfire V1 MCF51QE128 :

Discussion created by Jean Francois De SALLIER DUPIN on Jan 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2008 by guillaume sanahuja
I starting to evaluate the OS FreeRTOS on a Coldfire V1 MCF51QE128.
I have just get the last version on FreeRTOS on
That is stable V4.7.0
I have just start building the directry tree.
I have remove some PRAGMA and set some asm instruction in nop.
Now it compile well with Codewarrior V6.01.
My target is a DEMOQ128 with MCF51QE128.
Here is the source code. (joined)
The aim is to port the RTOS to evaluate it.
Is someone has already started to port it?
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